Eye sore

About a month ago my husband WJ went fishing with a friend. When he asked what my plans were, I said that I was going to kick back on the patio and relax with a book and a cold beverage and basically take it easy for the weekend.

I lied. I had other plans.

I know, lying really isn’t very yogic. So let’s say I creatively hide the truth. I wanted to surprise WJ with one less thing on the ‘honey do’ list.

There was an area in the backyard that had become more and more of an eye sore the past couple of years. The grass was struggling to grow but just wouldn’t. We talked about what do about it – shrubbery, paving stones, ignoring it and hoping it would take care of itself – but couldn’t decide, so I took matters into my own hands.

photo 1

Ugh! What an eye sore.

Shortly after he left, I headed out to Salisbury Greenhouse for some supplies. A few hours and a smoking credit card later, it was time to get to work.

I find gardening to be very meditative. When I’m mucking around pulling weeds, dead-heading or transplanting, my mind is completely focused on the task at hand. I don’t worry about the other chores that need doing or about work or even about the time. It’s an opportunity to let my mind be still and for my system to relax. Now when I was digging up that patch of dead grass, I won’t say that I felt very relaxed but it was mindful. And rewarding. After a day and half of digging, hoeing, leveling and planting, I now have a beautiful little shade garden that is a sight for sore eyes and brings a sense of serenity to the backyard. And WJ has a slightly shorter list.

Ahh! A sight for sore eyes.

Ahh! A sight for sore eyes.


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