Sing, Sing a Song

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? Maybe a jingle from a commercial or just part of a song you caught while flipping through radio stations? I’ve had a song stuck in my head for the past couple of weeks. It isn’t on constant rotation but it keeps popping up again and again. Usually this is a very annoying thing but I am quite enjoying my song.

It’s a healing meditation I learned in a Kundalini yoga class. The words are very simple and, to me, very powerful. We chanted along with Snatum Kaur’s recording, which I find  beautiful.

The intention of this mantra is to  brings health and positivity to yourself or other people (depending on your intention). If you practice Reiki or other energy work, you may feel heat in your hands – I certainly do. When I chant it, I am overcome with a great sense of peace and love.

If you are interested in this meditation, I’ve posted the guidelines below. If this mantra doesn’t resonate with you, that’s totally fine. Is there another song or mantra or other words that sit well with you? If there is, try taking them out of your head and sing or chant them out loud. It doesn’t matter if you can sing or not. Remember Ahimsa or the non-violence aspect of yoga. Be kind to yourself, don’t judge your voice or abilities. Just sing your song!

To do the healing meditation, sit tall in Easy pose. Bend the arms and snug the elbows against the sides of the rib cage. Palms of the hands face up. This position is quite effortless as it allows the shoulders to sink down. If it becomes too much, rest the arms down, palms up in your lap. Softly close the eyes and focus on your third eye. Inhale deeply and sing all the words on the exhale. When you get to the last word – hung -suck the belly button in towards the spine.

Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung

You can repeat the words on your own or you can chant along with music. Snatum Kaur and Aykanna both have lovely versions. Repeat the mantra for 11 minutes. If you like, you can increase the time to 31 minutes. A full explanation of the mantra can be found on the Kundalini web site 3HO.

As you are chanting, visualize the person or persons you would like to send healing energy. Imagine they are surrounded by a green healing light. It’s perfectly fine to send this energy to yourself. And you don’t have to have a specific someone in mind; send healing to anyone or anything in the world.

My profound thanks to my Kundalini teacher Satwinder for sharing this powerful mantra.

Sat Nam

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2 Responses to Sing, Sing a Song

  1. Sandra Johnson says:

    Wow Kyra I never knew you had this site or Blog – I’m not very savy with the social media stuff – but I’m so happy that I clicked on the link in your email!! I was quickly checking email, between to do lists And when I saw the chanting meditation I stopped and I stood at the door and I looked at the river. I joined the meditation and I really enjoyed that so thank you very much for Sharing that it allowed me to take some time out of my day to just be. And then at the very end of the blog I went back up and listens to the Sesame Street song and of course I sang along – this smile goes out to you! 😊


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