About Me


I began practicing yoga about 18 years ago. It was an on-and-off relationship – I liked the movement but there were weird things like meditating and suggestions to send my breath to my spleen. I gave yoga a more serious try in 2002 as a means of therapy to help me recover from a seriously sprained ankle. My cast had just been removed and I couldn’t walk without a cane so I was very skeptical. Could this yoga thing really help me? With the support of a wonderful and patient teacher, yoga really did help me. Even though I had to modify nearly every pose and some postures were just abstract ideas for a couple of months, I could feel my body changing and healing, becoming more flexible and strong. My breathing became more relaxed and meaningful and it became easier to calm my whirling mind. Eventually my ankle healed and I haven’t looked back.

I completed by 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 at Yoga Within and received my 500-hour certification in July 2015. To date, I have completed 170 hours of additional training as well as attending classes on a regular basis.
 Over the course of many years, I have fallen in love with Yin yoga and it holds a special place in my heart. Restorative yoga is a more recent discovery for me and I am becoming very passionate about it too.

My approach to yoga is to be sensitive of the body, heart, and mind. By simply coming to our mats and breathing consciously, perhaps working with postures and perhaps not, we can begin to create a space where we feel safe and calm. When we can be more focused and start to let go of the world beyond our mat (even for just 5 minutes), we can begin to inhabit ourselves – not just noticing our breath and body but really feeling our breath and body. Then slowly we learn to how to take the feelings we create on the mat, off the mat and out into the world.

Whether I am teaching a class for stress release, a quiet Yin class, or a Restorative session, I am grateful for the opportunity to guide people through their practice. Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers I have had – without you, I wouldn’t have found my passion for yoga.


Yoga Alliance Certified


One Response to About Me

  1. Darla Devnich says:

    So happy to see your site up and running and THRILLED that you are following your dream!


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